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Redirecting Her Hustle – with Shannon Castor

“I knew that I could hustle when I was doing bad. So why can’t I just flip it over into doing good? I just buckled down and went for it and put my head straight.” Beginning in her teens, Shannon was running the streets of Las Vegas. She continued for about 14 years. After her […]

Meet Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward’s an Empowerment Center (TEC) graduate from 2016 – and has also been a Peer Support at TEC since 2019. She works with clients 1:1, guiding them through their addiction treatment. This can mean anything from walking them through the stages of their personal programs to helping with doctors’ appointments to simply being available […]

How Krystal Paetz is Celebrating Life & Being a Mom in Recovery

“After I graduated the program, I worried I wasn’t going to be able to laugh and be who I was before. That I had lost me in all of this. And I get to see now that I’m absolutely still as bright and colorful and wild and crazy as I ever was. It’s just now […]

Celebrating & Supporting Moms in Recovery

Happy Mother’s Day, from The Empowerment Center! As a women-focused treatment center, The Empowerment Center is all about appreciating our current (and future) moms. For so many women, their recoveries and families are closely tied. Most moms choose to get treatment in part because of their children, when they see how addiction is affecting their […]

Steve Maxwell’s Recovery Story & 15 Years At TEC

Meet Our Program Director Steve Maxwell has been with The Empowerment Center since just about Day 1. New to Northern Nevada (and in recovery himself) he joined us as Housing Manager in 2009. He was here for the first walk-through of today’s Virginia Street treatment center, was a part of our transformation as we integrated […]

How We Get Our Clients Back to Work

When our clients enter treatment at The Empowerment Center, (TEC) most are out of work and many have complicated backgrounds of arrest and incarceration. Guiding them in finding work, overcoming barriers, and building careers is an important piece of what we do. During the first 30 days of TEC’s 5-month program, our sole focus is […]

Linda Buzicks Recovery Story – How Acts of Service and Community Living Support Her Sobriety

Linda Buzick lives in a one-bedroom apartment at Marvel Way, her home since the supportive living complex opened its doors in fall 2023. She’s a leader in her home AA group, a weekly attendee of Marvel Way’s meetings, and an active member of the local recovery community. She finds strength and meaning in being of […]

Something to BARK About! How Pets Make a Difference at Marvel Way

Did you know? About a third of Marvel Way’s residents are living alongside their furry friends. We’re home to 9 cats and 9 dogs – and expect these numbers to continue to climb. It’s just one of the many ways we stand out from the affordable housing and recovery pack. Why did Marvel Way become […]

Taking a Peek at Our New HQ

At The Empowerment Center, we’re looking forward to our new headquarters and treatment center – TEC2. While we’ve loved our South Virginia home since 2005, as we’ve evolved from our roots as The Launching Pad halfway house to the addiction treatment center we are today we’ve come to need more space. We’re ready to serve […]

A Chat With Yvette Myers – Our Director of Community Development

Have you met Yvette Myers? If you’re often out and about in Reno, you may have connected with our Director of Community Development. Yvette’s worked for The Empowerment Center for 2 years – and networking is a BIG part of what her world is about. She links our clients and residents with resources and services, […]

Jasmin Malik’s Recovery Story

“After everything I’ve gone through, The Empowerment Center’s one of the best – actually – the best rehab program for women in Reno. If you stick through it, it really works,” declares Jasmin Malik. Jasmin graduated from The Empowerment Center’ 5-month treatment program on June 11, 2023. She’s also the first graduate of Reno’s STAR […]

Our Partnership with the UNR School of Social Work

The Empowerment Center is proud to partner with the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) School of Social Work’s Field Education program. Since 2022, we’ve been working with interns pursuing both Masters and Bachelors degrees. Each student is given a list of local organizations to choose from and applies for positions matching their values and interests. […]

Introducing: A NEW Empowerment Center HQ!

‘Tis the season to celebrate! We have so much to rejoice in as we close out 2023! This year was HUGE, for both The Empowerment Center and Marvel Way. We’ve been busy improving our programs, growing our resources, and setting the stage for bigger things to come. We’re excited about the work we’ve done to […]

Meet Roxanne DeCarlo, Our Executive Director

In 2023, Roxanne DeCarlo celebrated her 9th year as Executive Director of The Empowerment Center! In her time with TEC, she’s led us through quite the journey – from our early years as a co-ed halfway house, to supporting women struggling with alcoholism and addiction, to expanding our services to include long-term independent sober living […]

Welcome Sandy Gordon! The Latest Addition to The Empowerment Center Board

The Empowerment Center gives our warmest welcome to Sandy Gordon, our newest Board of Directors Member! Sandy moved to Nevada during high school and is a University of Nevada, Reno graduate. She currently works for Nevada State Development Corporation (NSDC), a nonprofit certified development company. Sandy is also a wedding officiant, loves the healing arts, […]

Welcome Lee Hernandez to The Empowerment Center Board!

The Empowerment Center is proud to welcome Lee Hernandez to our Board of Directors! Lee Hernandez is CFO at Lumos & Associates, a multidisciplinary engineering firm providing structural, civil, geotechnical, surveys, and construction services in Nevada and California. He also founded Firmament Financial, a wealth management company that does investment management, financial planning and long-term […]

Have you met Heather Morton? – a Marvel Way resident on recovery, learning to weld, and being a mom

Heather Morton is studying welding at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) while living at Marvel Way with her daughters, ages 2 and 4. Every morning, she drops them off at daycare on the way to her welding work and classes, which she looks forward to every day. In the evenings, she’s grateful to come home […]

Meet Sarah Verdugo – Empowerment Center Graduate and Marvel Way Resident

Sarah Verdugo was in treatment at The Empowerment Center in 2020. She currently lives in a 1-bedroom apartment at Marvel Way. She’s exploring going back to school, manages the Marvel Way community garden, and is enjoying getting to know her new sober community. Before Sarah’s recovery, she was in multiple domestic violence situations and, she […]

Alternative Sentencing & The Empowerment Center with Sergeant Andrew Sherbondy

The Empowerment Center is a proud partner of the Washoe County Department of Alternative Sentencing’s STAR Program, which prioritizes Support, Treatment, Accountability, and Recovery for individuals with Opioid Use Disorder. This pilot program focuses on addressing the root causes of addiction, moving away from the traditional probation model. We spoke with Sergeant Andrew Sherbondy, who […]

Introducing: Sober Living at Marvel Way

Did you know? Sober living is most likely to be sustained in a safe, supportive, and clean environment. Our Marvel Way Apartments do just that! Last fall, Marvel Way (managed by The Empowerment Center) opened its doors as the first-of-its-kind in Nevada. We’re offering 42 affordable sober living apartments to start, and are excited to […]

Meet Richard Brown – Marvel Way’s Program Director of Housing Services

In supporting our residents at Marvel Way, Richard understands the importance of striking the right balance. After all, Marvel Way isn’t a treatment program – it’s a long-term apartment community with services available on site. At minimum, Richard is responsible for monthly drug testing and managing issues as they arise. However, given his background running […]

What’s New at The Empowerment Center?

The Empowerment Center is dedicated to helping women who suffer from substance use disorders restore their dignity and quality of life. Since you’ve last heard from us, a lot has changed! We’ve been expanding client services, updating our programming, providing medication-assisted treatment onsite, and remodeling our rooms to better support everyone who walks through our […]