Northern Nevada’s Only State Licensed Halfway House

TEC is the only state licensed halfway house in N. Nevada. TEC is licensed through the State of Nevada Bureau of Health Care Quality Compliance to offer 36 beds to at-risk women in our community and is certified by the Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Agency (SAPTA) as a Level 2.1 Outpatient Adult Service provider.

TEC is a recovery-oriented system of care for adult women who are ready to become successful, self-sufficient, and productive members of our community. TEC serves low income, recovering addicts and alcoholics, many of whom have been incarcerated or homeless for quite some time.

TEC uses concepts and tools taught in most traditional treatment centers, and takes them one-step further, by applying them to daily living. Residents are required to attend recovery meetings, work with sponsors, and practice honesty and integrity while working the 12-steps of recovery. Residents maintain employment, perform assigned chores, and observe reasonable curfews.

An Individual Approach to Treatment

TEC utilizes the evidenced-based practices of NIDA’s 13 Principles of Effective Treatment, keeping in mind that “no single treatment approach is appropriate for all individuals.” TEC augments the principles by weaving the following additional evidenced-based practices throughout its entire treatment menu. NIDA’s 13 Principles of Substance Use Disorders for Criminal Justice Populations is recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as a national best practice and evidence-based approach to substance use disorders. Within this treatment model, Motivational Interviewing (M.I.), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy ( CBT) are evidenced based techniques that are recommended for our primary population.


SAMHSA on Being Healthy

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that individuals cannot be healthy without positive mental health and freedom from addictions and substance abuse. Prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for behavioral health are important parts of health service systems and community-wide strategies that work to improve health status and lower costs for individuals, families, businesses, and governments. Achieving a high quality, self-directed, satisfying life integrated in a community includes:

Our Approach to a Healthy Life

TEC’s program works to address each of these components. (Health) Each resident embarks on a proven program of recovery where they address their addictions, alcoholism, and underlying issues. (Home) Recognizing that a stable home environment is essential to successful recovery, TEC provides this to individuals who share the common goal of recovery. Daily check-ins and reasonable curfews create a healthy structured environment. (Purpose) The current Workforce Development Specialist has achieved 100% client employment prior to program completion. By providing clients with the knowledge obtained through employment classes, each client learns the skills necessary to seek and maintain long-term employment. (Community) A community in and of itself, TEC clients cook together, clean together, and attend meetings together; simply put they live life together creating a close knit community.

Treatment is tailored to each client’s needs, as identified and specified by the client and their assessment. At that point, client and clinician establish client’s treatment goals, which are the areas to work. Clinician monitors client’s treatment progress based on action steps accomplished.