reno's empowerment center women's addiction treatment center design rendering

Introducing: A NEW Empowerment Center HQ!

‘Tis the season to celebrate! We have so much to rejoice in as we close out 2023!

This year was HUGE, for both The Empowerment Center and Marvel Way. We’ve been busy improving our programs, growing our resources, and setting the stage for bigger things to come. We’re excited about the work we’ve done to support women struggling with substance use disorder and house women and men in early recovery.

What next, do you say?

Keep reading our BIG announcement, our 2023 wrap-up, and LOTS more details on what’s to come in 2024, 2025…and beyond!

reno's empowerment center women's addiction treatment center design rendering

1. TEC2: A New Empowerment Center

The Empowerment Center is excited to announce $12.5 million in funding for a bigger, better Empowerment Center. Thanks to the Nevada Housing Division, we look forward to improving our programming, increasing the number of women we serve, and providing a better treatment environment. We’re grateful to the Nevada Housing Division for your ongoing support. We couldn’t do it without you.

With our TEC2 treatment center, we’ll increase our capacity from 36 to 80 women. We’ll also be expanding our programming, with the added capacity allowing for more flexibility to offer individualized treatment programs to our clients. We’re increasing our medical services, with an on-site clinic providing convenient care, including Medication Assisted Treatment, to Empowerment Center and Marvel Way clients, residents, and graduates. Our new TEC2 building will be across the street from Marvel Way, allowing for a more streamlined sharing of services and resources between the two halves of our organization.

With the additional space, we’ll be able to offer more 1:1 support to our clients while improving collaboration among our treatment team. While we love our South Virginia treatment center, we’re proud to have outgrown the space and are so incredibly excited for everything TEC2 will bring!

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2. Improving Our Treatment Program

2023 brought great changes to our signature treatment program. We’re proud of our staff’s work to strengthen the way we support women struggling with substance use. Among the biggest changes is moving from a 4-month to 5-month program. The extra month is already making a difference in helping transition our women through the early stages of recovery and into lasting employment and stable housing.

Guiding this process is our new Orientation Manual, or Workbook, that our clients move through during their stay at The Empowerment Center. Our Workbook leads women through their Workforce Development and 12-Step Programs, while allowing them to look ahead and see what will be expected of them. Within the pages of our Workbook, we’ve created an increasingly client-centered program, where each client is treated as an individual.

group of residents enjoying a community BBQ at Marvel Way sober living apartments in Reno, NV

3. Celebrating Marvel Way Phase I & Breaking Ground on Phase II

Marvel Way Phase I was completed in late 2022, with 2023 marking its first full year in operation. At Marvel Way, we’ve provided 42 affordable sober living apartments to Northern Nevada’s early-recovery community. While residents are living mostly independent, support is available on-site when needed, including mental health care, social workers, 12-step meetings, a Food Bank, pet supports, visits and donations from community organizations, and more!

In late 2023, we broke ground on Marvel Way Phase II. With Phase II, we’ll offer 46 additional 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. We also aim to offer community spaces for families and pet-owners. Our Phase I apartments are already home to 10 children, and we expect to house a similar number of families in Phase II. What’s more, our apartments allow pets. This is significant because pet-owners face additional barriers to housing and aren’t allowed to bring pets with them to shelters. We’re currently fundraising to include a playground and dog park with Marvel Way Phase II, as well as solar panels to keep our electric costs down.

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4. Supporting Men

Did you know? The Empowerment Center wasn’t always just for women. Before we were The Empowerment Center, we were The Launching Pad, a co-ed halfway house.

When we shifted our work and grew into our role as an affordable substance use treatment center, we recognized that women struggling with addiction had different needs then men, needs that weren’t adequately met locally.

As we plan for the new TEC2 women’s treatment center, we’ve come full circle. We’re excited about the program we’ve developed and recognize that our services would be just as beneficial to men. So, when TEC2 is complete and our women’s program moves in, we’re planning to open a men’s treatment center at our South Virginia location.