empowerment center board member lee hernandez

Welcome Lee Hernandez to The Empowerment Center Board!

The Empowerment Center is proud to welcome Lee Hernandez to our Board of Directors! Lee Hernandez is CFO at Lumos & Associates, a multidisciplinary engineering firm providing structural, civil, geotechnical, surveys, and construction services in Nevada and California. He also founded Firmament Financial, a wealth management company that does investment management, financial planning and long-term tax planning.

headshot of empowerment center baord member lee hernandez wearing a suit and tie with greenery in the background

As a CPA, CFA, and CFP, Lee Hernandez brings his professional skillset – as well as his personal passions for helping those in need, especially women and others who have difficulty accessing needed resources – to The Empowerment Center. As a member of our Board, he’ll assist in reviewing TEC’s financials and help oversee audit engagements.

Hernandez has been involved with The Empowerment Center and other local nonprofits for years, and we’re excited to add him to our team! Roxanne DeCarlo, TEC’s Executive Director, notes, “His commitment to our community and financial expertise make him an excellent addition to our board of directors.” Lee’s past work includes CFO at Catholic Charities and corporate finance roles in the gaming and power sectors. Prior to that, he worked in investment banking and economic consulting for the power sector. “As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on volunteers to make our work possible. Lee’s background and experience are huge assets to our organization,” states Board President Janel Walsh.

Lee met Frank DeCarlo when they worked together at Monarch Casino and Resort in 2010, and, through him, he met Roxanne. When Lee and his family moved back to Reno from the DC metro area in 2018, his wife, Nhit, joined Roxanne’s hiking group. Nhit began donating silverwear and other household items to The Empowerment Center…and encouraged Lee to get involved as well.

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“The mission of The Empowerment Center is such an easy one to get behind,” Lee explains, “I’m familiar with organizations focused on men, and a program specifically for women battling substance and alcohol abuse and addiction feels like it addresses a significant need.” He enjoys supporting local nonprofits and businesses, and especially likes how TEC works with women recently released from correctional facilities. “This provides a comprehensive framework with the right amount of support to get them back into society.”

lee hernandez and family on bicycles in tahoe with pine forest and mountains in background

Outside of work, Lee enjoys hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and music. He and his wife have two sons, ages 12 and 9. Both of his boys play violin, Dominic in the Youth Symphony Orchestra and Hunter in the Youth Strings Symphonia. Recently, Lee also started taking music lessons himself. He played violin in the orchestra in Middle School and High School, and when he found himself with a little extra time, picked up the violin again. He retaught himself classical music before beginning lessons to learn fiddling and folk tunes.

Looking to the future, Lee Hernandez is most enthusiastic about The Empowerment Center’s multifamily housing and expansion plans. He’s impressed by the resources we’ve received from the community – from builders to local businesses to government entities. He feels that relocating the Empowerment Center to a new building across the street from Marvel Way is a great way to see the mission grow. Lee sums up, “I see The Empowerment Center getting a lot of traction and support, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”