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The Empowerment Center is a licensed sober living facility the provides peer to peer support for recovering men, women, and homeless veterans. We specialize in helping people rebuild their lives after drug, alcohol, or problem gambling treatment by providing sober living homes and a recovery-oriented system of care.

The Empowerment Center recently completed renovation on a 34 bed facility and is now open to helping more individuals change their lives.

The Empowerment Center Difference

Sober Living Environment…

The support gained from living with other recovering addicts and alcoholics in a structured community has proven to be one of the most beneficial factors in preventing relapse. At The Empowerment Center, it is our goal to facilitate independent sober living skills by having our members work together to ensure each home is operated with the utmost integrity and respect. This approach, used in conjunction with weekly house meetings, requires 12-step meeting attendance, educational 12-step study, and life skills groups that provide the support and accountability to those in early recovery.

For more than half a decade, The Empowerment Center has provided a safe and nurturing recovery-oriented system of care to recovering people from all walks of life and geographies. Each recovery journey is as important as one’s eventual destination. Our goal is to help every member of our community learn how to live a full, rich, clean, and sober life and to achieve balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We embrace and practice the principles of the 12-step recovery programs and strive to create a sober living environment rooted in love, service, grace, and tolerance.

Sober Living Support…

What sets The Empowerment Center apart from other sober living environments is that each resident’s sobriety journey is tailored to prepare them for successful entry into their new life. This tailored approach to recovery is enhanced by our supportive family-like atmosphere, which provides a safe and caring haven for navigating the difficult journey into sober living. Residents’ sponsors, alumni, and recovering staff are vital to the success of the program.

Our Approach…

The chance to achieve true freedom from chemical dependency increases the longer the individual remains in a healthy recovery community. Since 2005, The Empowerment Center has worked with therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, aftercare specialists, specialty courts, and others, to provide a continuum of care and support for residents transitioning out of inpatient treatment, a detox facility, or, in certain instances, coming directly from home, the streets, or incarceration. We believe the true work begins when an individual returns to the community where the availability of drugs, alcohol, and gambling are abundant. Our philosophy of honoring and supporting each individual’s authentic contribution to the community and the world around them translates into a compassionate, practical, and effective sober living approach.

Together. Shaping the future.

As a client driven recovery program, we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs. Our services are designed specifically to help men and women on their journey of recovery from alcoholism and addiction by using the proven 12-step model of recovery. Using decades of experience and functional expertise, The Empowerment Center goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and help empower our residents to become the “architect” of their lives. Our newest effort, Women’s Steps to Empowerment provides a holistic program that responds to the unique needs of each individual woman seeking to restore her life, her sanity, and her self-worth. Through classes, support, recovery mentoring, financial literacy training, and a strong foundation in the 12-steps of recovery, she gains the tools and belief in herself to rebuild her life, to move herself out of poverty and into full self-reliance.

The ultimate goal of the Women’s Steps to Empowerment project is to facilitate a change in behavior and empower women to maintain past gains in sobriety, self-esteem, and employability. We strongly believe this goal can be met by providing all the support, training, and services to move our women from poverty to self-sufficiency, from unemployed to employed, from victim to victor, self-loathing to self-empowered, from childless parenting to happy families. We believe our women can become the “heroines” they were meant to be for their children. We believe that who she is becoming is dramatically different than who she was. While the Women’s Steps to Empowerment project will help to move her toward becoming employable, self-reliant, and financially aware – our true hope is to empower each woman to reclaim her dignity, inner strength, and place in the hearts and homes of those she loves.