Application for Residency

Please carefully review all sections of the application for residency, including the contract. The Empowerment Center is for women who suffer from the disease of  addiction and alcoholism and who are serious about changing their lives.  If you are not an addict or alcoholic, but need help with housing, please call 211 or visit  to access resources that may better fit your need. The Empowerment Center is “A Place Where Recovery Happens” and should you decide to join us in our journey of recovery, we trust you will embrace the 12-steps of recovery and enter a new phase in your journey.

At the Empowerment Center, you will be provided with many resources to help you move forward in your life.  Some of the project components you will benefit from is our national evidence based Workforce Development component.  This project has been especially successful with hard-to-place individuals with a 78% success rate.

As a resident of The Empowerment Center, you will have an opportunity embrace the concept of recovery, you will progress through a four phase program where you will gain your own understanding of the 12 steps of recovery and learn to incorporate the concepts and principles of recovery into your everyday life. All residents of The Empowerment Center are given a drug/alcohol assessment to determine if outpatient treatment is needed to help move you forward in your life.

To download, right click or click to open in a new tab and look for the save or download icon typically located the upper right corner of the screen. Once downloaded, fields can be filled out and printed.