outside of Marvel Way sober living apartments in Reno, NV

Introducing: Sober Living at Marvel Way

outside of Marvel Way sober living apartments in Reno, NV

Did you know? Sober living is most likely to be sustained in a safe, supportive, and clean environment. Our Marvel Way Apartments do just that!

Last fall, Marvel Way (managed by The Empowerment Center) opened its doors as the first-of-its-kind in Nevada. We’re offering 42 affordable sober living apartments to start, and are excited to begin providing an additional 46 units in Phase II. These 1- and 2-bedroom units are permanent homes for individuals (and their families) who’ve recently completed substance use disorder treatment programs or exited the penal system. They’re designed for residents who are ready to live independently, but could still benefit from a little support. And we’re almost ready to break ground on Phase II – significantly expanding the range of services we’re offering to both new and current residents.

interior of Marvel Way sober living Reno apartment, with modern kitchen in foreground and living room with large window in background

What Marvel Way Offers

At Marvel Way, we’re bringing our residents the services that help them most, in the most convenient place possible – just down the hall. To start out, we offer similar facilities as many other apartment complexes, including a gym, computer lab, community room, and garden boxes. But, understanding the population we serve, we go well beyond these basics.

To ease the transition to a clean and safe living environment, utilities and WiFi are included in rent. A mobile food bank makes monthly visits, assistance with furnishing is provided when needed, and our staff helps arrange for childcare, pet vaccinations, work clothes donations, and more. With the help of Silver Summit’s generous support, we’ve recently purchased a vehicle, so we can assist with transportation to grocery stores and medical appointments. And, Marvel Way is conveniently located near busy bus routes. We see a new apartment as a fresh start and are committed to helping our residents succeed.

On the therapeutic side, we offer AA, NA, and AA Book Study meetings every week. Dr. Brandee Shipman, our Empowerment Center psychiatrist, as well as Dr. Ken Call and Dr. Jen Ross, counselors from UNR, have been available 1-2 days per week for anyone who feels they’d benefit from such support. Each semester, students from the UNR social work program will also be available on site.

group of residents enjoying a community BBQ at Marvel Way sober living apartments in Reno, NV

Building Community

We recognize that Marvel Way is more than just housing, it’s a community of individuals with shared experiences, supporting one another. To encourage connections beyond that simple “hello” in the hallways, we’re bringing residents together through social gatherings.

So far, we’ve hosted a December holiday party, Easter egg hunt, ice cream social, and – just last month – a community BBQ. Our June BBQ was well attended, with housing Manager Richard Brown serving up 40+ burgers and 40+ dogs. We were fortunate to have a beautiful spring day to celebrate together, and good times were had by all!

Drawing of Marvel Way site layout and plan for Reno sober living apartment complex

What’s Next? Marvel Way: Phase II

The Empowerment Center is excited to break ground on Phase II of our Marvel Way Complex! Later this summer, we’ll begin construction on a second building, which will allow us to provide an additional 46 affordable housing units.

What’s more, with the extra space, we’re looking forward to opening an onsite medical clinic. While we’re still finalizing our plans, our goal is to have at least 1 primary care provider, 1 mental health provider, and a nurse on site. With our new clinic, we’ll be able to provide even more convenient access to many types of medical care, including Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) – the practice of using medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to help patients sustain recovery. In addition to Marvel Way residents, we’ll offer outpatient serves to all Empowerment Center graduates and, perhaps one day, to the broader community.

For Marvel Way residents, Phase II will introduce several additional perks. The completed complex layout includes a playground, dog park, expanded community garden, BBQ zone, and a seating areas for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is two-fold: we’ll support our residents with traditional supportive services and provide a living environment that just feels nice.