3 children at movie night at the marvel way sober living apartments

Celebrating & Supporting Moms in Recovery

Happy Mother’s Day, from The Empowerment Center!

As a women-focused treatment center, The Empowerment Center is all about appreciating our current (and future) moms. For so many women, their recoveries and families are closely tied. Most moms choose to get treatment in part because of their children, when they see how addiction is affecting their families. Wanting to be the best parents they can be is one of the biggest motivators to stay clean and sober.

Yet, being a mother with substance use disorder can carry an extra layer of challenges. Many of our clients have had to spend time away from their kids in order to seek treatment, or while dealing with the legal system. Finding a safe place to live together as a family while continuing to work on their personal growth can feel like lot a lot to juggle.

At The Empowerment Center and Marvel Way, we aim to offer just that. From parenting classes to back-to-school clothes to community building events, we support our families throughout the year. Here’s what that looks like:

an empowerment center graduate and mom in recovery with her 3 kids

Moms at The Empowerment Center

“Recovery helps us become better moms by teaching us a new way to live,” says Ashley, a TEC graduate and Peer Support staff.

When women participate in our 5-month treatment program, they’re living onsite. However, that doesn’t mean being away from their kids. Clients can begin visiting with their children right away, and there’s plenty of time available. Starting in their second month, offsite visits are also allowed.

Unfortunately, for some women this isn’t possible just yet. Especially for women whose struggles with substances have resulted in legal challenges, they may have already spent months, or years, living apart from their children. To support these mothers and reunify their families, we keep their lifestyle goals in mind – guiding them in the search for work and housing with space for everyone.

We also partner with The Children’s Cabinet to provide parenting classes. In situations where CPS has been involved, extra work is needed to bring families back together. This often includes required parenting classes. So, as a part of our first 60 days in treatment, we’re offering weekly classes on site. We also offer parenting classes at Marvel Way. Classes cover subjects like impulse control, discipline, and more – giving our clients tools to help them improve their parenting.

Marvel Way Moms

Says one Marvel Way resident, “Marvel Way is a place that allows me to prioritize my goals: recovery, raising healthy kids, and getting through school. I feel so supported because I can afford this.”

Marvel Way is currently home to 5 single moms and 1 single dad. Each of these families have 2-3 kids. For these families, access to affordable housing in a safe and quiet neighborhood is the most important thing we can offer. Of course, we’re always looking for new ways to support them. We’re also finding there’s a lot of overlap between the services we provide for children and adults.

In addition to offering parenting classes, we’re helping parents connect with other resources that will help them thrive, including clothing donations, back-to-school supplies, holiday gifts, and therapy. We’re assisting them in navigating healthcare and childcare services, in some cases working with them to find providers that fit their needs.

Building Community

Building community plays a huge role in everything we do at Marvel Way. We host gatherings for every holiday – and gatherings just because. We share Easter Baskets in the spring, Trick-or-Treat on Halloween, feast on Thanksgiving, and invite Santa and his favorite elf to join us in telling stories and singing songs on Christmas. Between these holidays, we’ve hosted BBQs, movie nights, and other events…and look forward to doing more in the years to come.

We’re also working on improving our outdoor spaces for kids. Once we’ve finished construction on Marvel Way Phase II, we’ll be setting up a more permanent outdoor gathering area. We’ll be including a playground next to a BBQ area, dog park, community garden, and other amenities. At Marvel Way, our goal is to build a supportive sober community where both kids and adults can connect with one another.

At TEC, we celebrate and support our Empowerment Center and Marvel Way moms for the work they’ve done for themselves and their children – not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.