The Empowerment Center's Impact on 3 Women's Lives

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The Empowerment Center is compassionately dedicated to helping women who suffer from substance abuse to restore their dignity and quality of life. Our nonprofit organization empowers women to build a better future through treatment and workforce development in a safe living environment. We believe in the power of recovery to change outlooks, lives and ultimately our community.

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What’s New at The Empowerment Center & Marvel Way?

Redirecting Her Hustle – with Shannon Castor

“I knew that I could hustle when I was doing bad. So why can’t I just flip it over into doing good? I just buckled down and went for it and put my head straight.” Beginning in her teens, Shannon was running the streets of Las Vegas. She continued for about 14 years. After her […]

Meet Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward’s an Empowerment Center (TEC) graduate from 2016 – and has also been a Peer Support at TEC since 2019. She works with clients 1:1, guiding them through their addiction treatment. This can mean anything from walking them through the stages of their personal programs to helping with doctors’ appointments to simply being available […]

How Krystal Paetz is Celebrating Life & Being a Mom in Recovery

“After I graduated the program, I worried I wasn’t going to be able to laugh and be who I was before. That I had lost me in all of this. And I get to see now that I’m absolutely still as bright and colorful and wild and crazy as I ever was. It’s just now […]

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