Your donations really do help.

All donations are tax deductible to the highest extent allowed by law

Sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, friends.  We have been able to help women in various walks of life over the years, but we want to do more and we need partners in our efforts.

 There are many ways for you to partner with us as we empower women to live differently. Your money, time, corporate sponsorship or donation of goods all positively impact the women who are gaining the tools to transform their lives. You can create a legacy of improving the lives of women in your community.

A little can change a lot and every donation matters.

Your donations do everything from putting a roof over a woman’s head while they are reintegrating into the community to putting a hot meal on the table. You and your family, friends, church, company, club, or group can offer a future for our neighbors who need it most – a woman who has no hope and turns to her addiction. Our needs for financial support are more fully described below.

If your gift is in honor of, or in memory of someone, please let us know who the honoree is. Please indicate also whether we can acknowledge your gift publicly.

You can designate your contributions to help us in any of the following areas:

Reno Recovery Project

The Reno Recovery Project involves the construction of a 45-unit housing project designed to provide long-term housing for women in recovery.

General Fund

Our General Fund underwrites the cost of our daily operations.  These unrestricted donations allow us the flexibility to use your contributions where they are most needed.

Housing Scholarship Fund

Our residents are responsible for a portion of the cost to provide them safe and sober housing and all the services that go along with it. When residents first enter the program, they are often overwhelmed by their newly found sobriety, learning to live in a clean and sober environment and the challenges of finding employment. They are also facing the reality of their financial situation for the first time, which may include inordinate amounts of debt. Depending on an individual’s circumstances and willingness to embrace the programs offered, we grant either full or partial scholarships to help them to become stable, self-supporting members of our recovery community. Recipients of scholarship funds are asked to help replenish the revolving fund either through donations of their own or help with fundraising activities.

  • $620 covers one month for one woman
  • $22.14 covers one night for one woman

Workforce Development Fund

The Workforce Development Fund is dedicated to providing materials, clothing, training, and transportation to individuals seeking employment in our community.

  • $15 pays for one week’s bus pass for one woman
  • $22 pays for a basic hygiene kit for one woman
  • $67.50 pays for required training for one woman such as OSHA, CPR or flagger training
  • $72 pays for a basic hygiene kit and job search clothing for one woman

Sponsor a Room

The Empowerment Center houses up to 36 at-risk women in their transition toward a sober and successful life. You can sponsor a room that will give a woman seeking recovery from substance abuse a place to live while she works to gain the skills to change her life for:

  • $250 per month
  • $3,000 per year